We have a huge collection of story books, journal, course book on all subjects of each and every class. Stocks of books are constantly updated to provide meaningful reference materials to students and teachers, Library has provision of reading rooms. The school also provides lending library books both students and teachers.

Computer Laboratory

In the present context with the development of technology the school offers an intensive, Computer teaching with a well equipped computer laboratory with upgraded hardware, software and internet facilities.

Science Laboratory

The school has well developed science laboratories in physics, chemistry and biology separately. Advanced scientific apparatus and chemicals are provided in the laboratory as per the requirement of the experiment. The technically qualified teachers and demonstrators help the students to conduct the experiment as per the curriculum.


Mathematics Laboratory

The school has a well-managed full finished mathematics laboratory which offers activity based mathematics learning and helps the students to increase their vision on mathematical, geometrical and trigonometrical concepts. 

Scouts & Guides

To develop self confidence, helping nature and personality of students the school has introduced scouts and guides. It increases the inclination towards community of work among the students.


The school has its own communication facility for students; school buses are there which go to different parts of the city. The transportation facility is conducted in a completely safe environment.


With the advancement of technology the child created education depends on the interest of the students and our concern for clearing the concepts properly from the beginning which enriches the knowledge of students.

C.C. Camera

Closed circuit cameras are fitted at different part of the school for maintaining security of the students.


Separate hostels for girls and boys from Std. VI to Std. XII are provided by the school with requisite staffs for maintaining discipline, providing fast-aid help to the students.